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Contact Lenses

Contact/Corneal Health Evaluation

ION Optical offers an exam specifically tailored towards contact lenses and their patients needs. During this exam, Doctor examines and provides:

  •  Prescription considerations,

  • Lens position and movement,

  • Care and handling instructions,

  • Diagnostic/trial lenses,

As well as any necessary follow up appointments free of charge to ensure prescription accuray, comfortability and visual health.

Contact Lenses 

ION Optical offers a variety of contact lenses to guarantee patient comfort and satisfaction. By providing diagnostic/trial lenses before finalizing the prescription, ION Optical allows patients to feel fully confident in their contacts before purchasing a full supply.

Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

For patients new to contact lenses, it can be difficult to insert and remove their contacts. ION Optical provides  assistance and training at no additional cost from expert professional to help ease the process for those new to contacts.

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