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Making Lemonade!

As the owner of a new business, the pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time. We can choose to quit or we can choose to forge ahead under these difficult circumstances. I’m choosing the latter, which forces me to look for opportunities within this crisis.

For most of us, these are not the best of times. Economic uncertainty is our new reality. Economic uncertainty is not good for business. When your household budgets are being severely challenged, eye exams; glasses; and contact lenses are often put on the back burner, sometimes at the expense of long term consequences. Small problems initially can become big problems down the road. For others, finances may not be an issue, but venturing beyond the confines of home may not be advisable at this time.

Despite these challenges, small business owners need sales now to remain open later. Gift cards/certificates are one way to help small businesses now. From now until June 30, customers can purchase $50 gift certificates for $40 to be redeemed at a later time more convenient for you. For an even bigger savings a $100 gift certificate can be purchased for $75.

If you need an eye exam, glasses or contact lenses in the near future, but feel you should shelter at home right now, or if the budget is tight, but you need an exam, glasses, or contact lenses in the near future this is a potential 25% savings. I SEE this as a win-win. You save in the long term, and ION Optical benefits in the short term. And that’s how you try to make lemonade when life gives you lemons.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please call ION Optical today, 574-855-3834.

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