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We are so Appreciative

Thank you, Thank you, the phone’s have been ringing. Our first mailing since opening arrived in mailboxes the first week of May and the response has been phenomenal. After spending the last 6 weeks staring at the office walls with virtually no interaction the recent activity has been a welcomed diversion, and provides a bright light after the darkness created by the coronavirus.

We’ve had a steady flow of eye exams since the shelter in place was lifted, but eye exams in the pandemic era present new challenges. The disinfection and sterilization methods are best practices that will continue throughout the pandemic and beyond, but I yearn for the day that we can ditch the facemasks. With glasses fogging and instruments fogging it’s frustrating and inconvenient but a necessary evil at this time as we continue to adapt to life in the grips of a pandemic. Since we are a small office with one doctor, we are accustomed to working with just one patient at a time and therefore can easily maintain appropriate social distancing for patients and staff. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate our way through these changes.

For those that have been seen, scheduled or just called to check to in, I thank you! But, if you’re not ready to have an eye examination but you’d like an opportunity to SAVE, we are still offering our discounted gift certificates. For a limited time you can purchase a $50 gift certificate for only $40 or a $100 gift certificate for $75. The gift certificates can be redeemed on purchases at ION until July 2021. Call 574-855-3834 for more information.

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