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Starting to Blog

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I was hoping my first post would be about how well the launch of ION Optical has gone and providing an upcoming date for our Grand Opening Celebration. Unfortunately, coronavirus has robbed us of that opportunity.

While the shelter in place order is a financial hardship, your health and safety are paramount. Launching a new venture can be hectic and chaotic at times, so this slow down is giving us a good opportunity to review our processes and continue to get better acquainted with our new facility and equipment.

We send our best to all of you, and hope you stay healthy and optimistic in light of the pandemic. I'm continuing to come into the office should you have any emergent eye care needs, please call 574-855-3834 should you need anything.

And when we do return to some semblance of normalcy, remember call ION Optical to schedule your next vision examination. Thank you all and stay safe and healthy!

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